llama.serve.gui package

Tools related to the interactive status/results website maintained for the current LLAMA run.

llama.serve.gui.gui_url(obj, linktype=None)

Get a URL to the LLAMA GUI webpage running on this server. Use this to generate links to LLAMA Run, Event, and FileHandler webpages.

  • obj (object) – A LLAMA object. If this is has a rundir attribute, try to find the run name that LLAMA GUI uses. If it also has an eventid attribute, include that in the returned URL. If it also has a FILENAME attribute, include that as well.

  • linktype (str, optional) – Optionally manually specify the output type as 'run', 'event', or 'filehandler'. Use this if you want to e.g. get a link to the webpage for an Event when providing a FileHandler. Will not work if obj does not contain the data required to construct the requested linktype (e.g. linktype='filehandler' will fail if obj is a Run).


url – A URL linking to the LLAMA summary web page for the provided object.

Return type



ValueError – If the rundir for the provided object is not in a directory served by llama serve gui, if obj has no rundir attribute, or if the requested linktype cannot be constructed from obj.