llama.files.advok module

A FileHandler that specifies whether an event has been flagged ADVOK, allowing information about it to be shared with EM follow up partners.

class llama.files.advok.Advok

Bases: llama.filehandler.EventTriggeredFileHandler, llama.filehandler.JSONFile

digraph "llama.files.advok.Advok" { charset="utf-8" splines=ortho bgcolor=none margin=0 rankdir=LR "llama.files.advok.Advok" [label=<{{<B>Advok</B>|<I>advok.json</I>|EventTriggeredFileHandler<BR/>JSONFile}}>, shape="record", style=filled, target=_top, URL="/llama.files.advok.html#llama.files.advok.Advok", fillcolor="#cccccc"]; }

llama.files.advok.Advok is created from external triggers. It therefore has no LLAMA-representable input dependencies, but instead acts as initial input for other FileHandler classes.

The existence of this file should be taken as an indication that the event has been marked as ADVOK. This may have occured either through the actual application of the ADVOK label to the event on GraceDB, or through the sending of a GCN notice for this event (which has happened even when ADVOK was not applied, as in G298048), or when a LLAMA operator chooses to manually mark the event as EM followup ready by creating this file. Once this file exists, dependent files will assume that the event is legitimate and will carry on with any communication efforts they are programmed to perform.

Should be created either simultaneously with a GCN notice or simultaneously with an LVAlert adding the ADVOK label to an event (these are the use cases at time of writing, anyway).

FILENAME = 'advok.json'
MANIFEST_TYPES = (<class 'llama.files.advok.Advok'>,)
UR_DEPENDENCY_TREE = frozenset({})
property alert_file_handler

Get the file handler which tells us that this event is ready for EM followup.

property alert_type

A string describing the provenance of this trigger, i.e. what “alert” caused us to create this event (and with it, this SkymapInfo file).

property time

The time at which this became ADVOK.