llama.files.team_receipts module

FileHandlers that send out information to the LLAMA team via email and which create log files to record the successful sending of those warning emails.

class llama.files.team_receipts.TeamEmailReceipt

Bases: llama.com.email.EmailReceipt

Emails with important files should be sent to LLAMA team members for review. These receipts record successful sending of those emails.

FILENAME_FMT = 'rct_team_{}.log'
classmethod decorator_dict(upload, subject=None)

See UploadReceipt.upload_this and UploadReceipt.decorator_dict.

  • upload – The decorated FileHandler class that is being registered for upload.

  • subject (function or str, optional) – Either a string whose format function will be called with the new TeamEmailReceipt as its self keyword argument or a function taking the new TeamEmailReceipt as its only argument (will become the subject property for the new TeamEmailReceipt). Uses the default TeamEmailReceipt.subject by default.


newclassdict – A dictionary that can be passed to type to specify the attributes of a new class.

Return type



TypeError – If subject is not a formattable string or callable object.

property recipients

The quick response team will be the same for most alert emails.

property subject

By default, just alert the team with an email saying which file is ready (defined as self.UPLOAD) and the eventid.