llama dev background table

Make a table with the coincident significance values as rows (one EVENT per row). Works on doublet neutrinos too (as long as the directory structure is as expected).

usage: llama dev background table [-h] [-i INPUT_PATTERN] [-s] [outfile]

Positional Arguments

Name of the output significance table.

DEFAULT: coinc_significance_outputs.txt

Default: “coinc_significance_outputs.txt”

Named Arguments

-i, --input-pattern
UNIX-style glob pointing to the significance

output files. DEFAULT: //*/significance_lvc-i3.json

Default: “//*/significance_lvc-i3.json”

-s, --skymap-info

If specified, get information about the skymap used from skymap_info. This is supported for old versions of the analysis runs. If not specified, use the relative filepath to the significance file (default for newer runs).

Default: False