llama dev

Developer tools.

usage: llama dev [-V] [-h]
                 [subargs [subargs ...]]

Named Arguments

-V, --version

Print the version number and exit.

Default: False

-h, --help

If a SUBCOMMAND is provided, run --help for that subcommand. If no SUBCOMMAND is provided, print this documentation and exit.

Default: False

subcommands (call one with ``–help`` for details on each)


Possible choices: background, clean, data, docs, dv, log, upload

If a subcommand is provided, ALL remaining

arguments will be passed to that command and it will be called.

If SUBCOMMAND takes its own

positional arguments, provide them here. This includes sub-sub commands.

subcommand summaries (pick one, use --help for more info):

Tools for doing background sensitivity studies.


Clean up the LLAMA output directory, rotating out-of-date auxilliary files out of the way and archiving them on remote storage.


llama data tools are used to securely fetch, move, and store privileged data.


Tools for automating documentation workflows.


Execute actions across a bunch of DigitalOcean servers based on their names.


Tools for parsing log files to extract logged information.


Tools for uploading manifests of data files to a DigitalOcean Spaces/Amazon S3 object storage solution (for later user installation using llama install).