llama files i3

Command Line Interface for manually creating IceCube GFU neutrino lists (by pulling them from either archives or the GFU API) and returning the neutrino lists in the desired formats. You must specify either a time window with --interval or a central trigger time with --time (the way you would do for a triggered event).

usage: llama files i3 [-h] [-t TIME] [-i START STOP] [-u] [--mjd]
                      [-p [PREFIX]] [--json [JSON]] [--txt [TXT]]

Named Arguments

-t, --time

If specified, this is the central time of the search (for the common use case where we are triggering on an external event happening at this time and searching for neutrinos in the surrounding time window). If this can be parsed as a float, it will be interpreted as a GPS timestamp (unless --mjd is specified, in which case it will be interpreted as an MJD date). Otherwise, an attempt will be made to parse it as a UTC datetime string, e.g. “2019-05-01T12:34:56”.

-i, --interval

Provide an interval surrounding --time in which to search. If --time is provided, find neutrinos in the interval (TIME+START, TIME+STOP) and interpret START and STOP as seconds (or, if --mjd is provided, as days). If --time is omitted, find neutrinos in the interval (START, STOP), where both variables are interpreted as dates in the same way as --time; note that in this case you must specify (START, STOP) since it cannot be inferred. Defaults to the same values as used by IceCubeNeutrinoList: (-500, 500)

-u, --unblinded

Whether to unblind the neutrinos. If not specified, neutrinos will be blinded.

Default: False


If specified, interpret numerical arguments to --time or --interval as MJD dates rather than GPS times.

Default: False

-p, --prefix

If specified, prepend the neutrino search interval to the default filenames in a human-readable format. Optionally provide an explicit prefix for these default filenames to override this default. If specific filenames are given, this option is ignored.

Default: False

output formats (specify at least 1)


Save this as a JSON file (LLAMA’s internal storage format used by the pipeline). Optionally specify a file path (default: icecube_neutrino_list.json) in the current directory).

Default: False


Save this as a human-readable ASCII table. Optionally specify a file path (default: icecube_neutrino_list.txt) in the current directory).

Default: False

You must specify at least 1 output format from above. Default names are the names as used in the pipeline (augmentable with the --prefix argument). Existing files will not be overwritten.