llama.listen package

Tools for handling incoming alerts.

class llama.listen.Parsers

Bases: object

Parsers for new trigger listeners.

rundir = CliParser(prog='sphinx-build', usage=None, description=None, formatter_class=<class 'argparse.HelpFormatter'>, conflict_handler='error', add_help=False)
llama.listen.flag_preset_freeze_veto(flagdict: llama.flags.FlagDict, presetname: str)

Exactly like flag_update_freeze_veto, but instead of providing the dictionary of the flag value changes you want to apply, you provide the name of the llama.flags.FLAG_PRESETS attribute you want to use. Just a shortcut for getting that attribute manually that also logs the preset choice.

llama.listen.flag_update_freeze_veto(flagdict: llama.flags.FlagDict, updatedict: Dict[str, str])

Update a flagdict for some event wit hthe given dictionary of new flag values, but IGNORE any updates to the VETOED flag, since this flag should usually be set manually (and this function is meant to be a way to procedurally apply llama.flags.FLAG_PRESETS to an existing llama.event.Event without accidentally vetoing or un-vetoing the event).