llama.com.email package

Utility functions and abstract FileHandler bases for communicating via email.

class llama.com.email.EmailReceipt

Bases: llama.com.utils.UploadReceipt

A log file created as a side effect of emailing some text (e.g. for submission of GCN notices or circulars). This is sufficiently formulaic that only an uploaded file, recipient list, and (optional) veto condition must be specified in each subclass.

abstract property recipients

A list of email addresses that should receive this email.

property send_as_attachment

If this returns True, the UPLOAD will be submitted as an email attachment rather than as the body of the email, e.g. for PDF or image files. Returns False unless overridden by a subclass.

abstract property subject

A subject line for this email.


Return a new datetime representing UTC day and time.