llama listen gcn

Launch the GCN Notice listener.

usage: llama listen gcn [-h] [-l LOGFILE]
                        [-v {debug,info,warning,error,critical,none}]
                        [-r RUNDIR] [--err-alert] [-L] [-g GCN_ARCHIVE]
                        [-i HOST] [-p PORT]

Named Arguments

-r, --rundir

Change the run directory (i.e. where new LLAMA triggers are saved by the GCN handler) to this directory. Creates the directory if it does not already exist. (default: /root/.local/share/llama/current_run/)

Default: “/root/.local/share/llama/current_run/”


Alert maintainers to unhandled exceptions.

-L, --lvc-private

If provided, listen for private LIGO GCN circulars on port 8099. This argument will OVERRIDE the -p/–port argument.

Default: False

-g, --gcn-archive

Change the GCN archive directory (i.e. where all GCN Notices are archived too for recordkeeping). Creates the directory if it does not already exist.

Default: “/root/.local/share/llama/gcn/archive”

-i, --host

The host to listen to. Defaults to the main GCN server:

Default: “”

-p, --port

The port on the GCN server to connect to. Default: 8099

Default: 8099

logging settings

-l, --logfile

File where logs should be written. By default, all logging produced by llama run goes to both an archival logfile shared by all instances of the process as well as STDERR. The archival logfile can be overridden with this argument. If you specify /dev/null or a path that resolves to the same, logfile output will be suppressed automatically. Logs written to the logfile are always at maximum verbosity, i.e. DEBUG. (default: /root/.local/share/llama/logs/gcn.log)

Default: “/root/.local/share/llama/logs/gcn.log”

-v, --verbosity

Possible choices: debug, info, warning, error, critical, none

Set the verbosity level at which to log to STDOUT; the --logfile will ALWAYS receive maximum verbosity logs (unless it is completely supressed by writing to /dev/null). Available choices correspond to logging severity levels from the logging library, with the addition of none if you want to completely suppress logging to standard out. (default: debug)

Default: “debug”