llama.com.do package

Provision or destroy a bunch of digitalocean servers. User will be asked for confirmation before creation or destruction of droplets proceeds.

llama.com.do.create_droplets(names, image='gwhen.com-post-er13', keys=None, tags=())

Create droplets with the given names from the given snapshot. Asks for user confirmation before creating. If keys is specified as a list, use ssh keys whose name or ID exactly equal one of the given keys. Specify tags to apply to droplets by name in tags.

llama.com.do.destroy_droplets(names, tags=())

Destroy droplets matching the given names. If names is an empty list, destroy all droplets with at least one of the tags contained in tags. Asks for user confirmation before destroying.


Return a header row with column names.


Get a format string for a given list of columns. Those columns will be inserted into the format string in order.


Get a list of all SSH keys.


Get a list of all available Droplet tags.

llama.com.do.new_droplet(name, image='gwhen.com-post-er13', ssh_keys=None)

Return a Droplet object with the given name from the given snapshot. Use the returned Droplet object to actually create a corresponding droplet on DigitalOcean. Specify ssh_keys to add to the droplet (default: no keys).

llama.com.do.print_droplets(droplets, columns, header_rows=True)

Print out a list of droplets in a nice format.

llama.com.do.print_ssh_keys(ssh_keys, header_rows=True)

Print out a list of ssh_keys in a nice tabular format.