llama.poll.gracedb package

Poll GraceDB for new superevents that have been marked EM_READY and have had a GCN Notice VOEvent generated. Download and handle those GCN Notices. Runs as a script checking for new VOEvents when called from the command line.


Fetch and store recent superevents.


Get candidate skymap filenames for this superevent dictionary.


Get the current GPS time (rounded up to the nearest integer for GraceDB’s querying interface).

llama.poll.gracedb.gracedb_query(gps, lookback=200000)

Get a GraceDB-compatible query string for finding recent superevents that happened in the last lookback seconds before the GPS time gps.


Get a generator of superevents with skymaps that stops iterating once we’ve gone through all the events in the last LOOKBACK seconds.