llama.files.lvc_skymap_txt module

A FileHandler that generates a list of pixel positions and values from a HEALPix skymap to be used in the old O2 MATLAB pipeline.

class llama.files.lvc_skymap_txt.LvcSkymapTxt

Bases: llama.filehandler.FileHandler

A list of sky positions and probability densities in text form generated from the original Healpix-encoded skymap. The values form a space-delimited table, with each row corresponding to a pixel and the columns corresponding to theta, phi, and probability density (Header is not included in text file):

theta [deg]

phi [deg]

probability density

DEPENDENCIES = (<class 'llama.files.lvc_skymap.LvcSkymapFits'>,)
FILENAME = 'lvc_skymap.txt'